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Slashdot on German armed forces setting up cyberwar unit:

German Bundeswehr's idea of recruiting hackers in order to 'penetrate, manipulate and damage hostile networks.'

From the comments:

"So I'm not the only one who read that as Budweiser!
Incidentally Hacker [wikipedia.org] is a brewery."

Voilà, now we have beer war instead or cyberwar :)

The linguistic fun in the news and blogs goes further:

fefe suggests some new geeky jokes about the cyberwar unit: "General Failure", "Colonel Panic", "Bluescreen Batallion". Haha. 4 pseudolinguistic stars out of 5.

According to this article on golem.de, the geeks in uniform will be oficially known as "Abteilung Informations- und Computernetzwerkkooperationen" ("department of information and computer network cooperation"). Penetration might require some degree of cooperation in certain contexts, but for this "seek and destroy" commando I'd think of these terms as antonyms. How very 1984 of Bunderwehr bureaucrats :)


5 cities: Amsterdam, The Haag, Ghent, Brugge, Bruxelles
5 artists: Van Gogh, Vermeer, Bosch, Bruegel, Magritte
5 museums:
1) Van Gogh in Amsterdam
2) Vermeer in Amsterdam
3) Vermeer in The Haag
4) Bruegel & Bosch in Bruxelles
5) Magritte in Bruxelles
alsoCollapse )
Classification task: who painted this creepy egg, Bosch or Bruegel?

many training picturesCollapse )

My next phone

Not  iPhone :)

Thoughts about dancing and therapy

There are many different reasons why people decide to do more sports. Maybe they are tired of their boring and static office job and need to compensate it somehow, maybe they just want to meet new people, start a new hobby. That's why I like dancing: I can excercise my whole body, strentghen and stretch my arms, legs, back without thinking too much about the fitness aspect. Salsa parties with a dance partner and friends, with dance shows, drinking, talking, having fun are definitely better than lonely sweaty fights with the torturing gym machines.

Sports rehabilitation however is a very special and specific reason to go to a gym: you break your leg, your tear your muscles and even after it's healed, you cannot function, dance or even walk normally, you need to identify which muscles exactly are weak or grew together in a wrong way, you need a specialist to tell you which excercises you need, which weights & how often you can lift and what painkillers you need.

The difference between handling a normal bad mood and a clinical depression is the same as between a dancing night out and a long and excruciating physiotherapy after a sporting injury. The latter is all about identifying emotional and cognitive deficits, correcting wrong behaviour patterns, planning and controlling the treatment.

Please, future me, be prepared next time: just about when you thought you can shake your leg at the dancefloor again, you might easily break your back trying too hard to be up to scratch.

Fernkochen thesis


"Hi, I'm Anna and I'm a bad cook."

(German girls, in chorus: "Hi Anna!". Scandinavians, in chorus: "Sucks to be you.")


From time to time (usually every Wednesday) I feel inclined to try new recipes, but I hate to do it alone in my crappy kitchen. I need to motivate myself somehow, the best way is to give me Italian red wine with an aperitivo al italiano or at least some olives, cheese and bread sticks, some firm dough to play with and a patient male assistant with a sense of humour*. This Wednesday I decided to cooperate not only with the man, but also with my dancing partner and especially with his pestle to produce one of my favourite Italian dishes: "trofie al pesto genovese" . Last time I was in Italy in August 2007 we ate an amazing pesto made by my first dance partner's wife**  and I knew that one day I was going to give pesto a try. I was very motivated and waited for a big grand and a cooperation with a well-known German research institute to continue my studies.
this is how it wentCollapse )

Moaning Monday

hapless and hopeless.

raddled and ratty.

stupid and sore.

lost and lonely.

"And all those exclamation marks, you notice? Five? A sure sign of someone who wears his underpants on his head." (Pratchett, 1995).

Five alliterations are a sure sign of (linguistic) frustration. I am alone way too often to tell anyone to leave me alone, and too  f***ed up to tell anyone to f*** off. 

I can has week-end already?

Baby, it's cold outside

“And now I want to go home and I want to see snow.” said the World's most beautiful engineer, a model and a technical cybernetics geekette.

I adore this weather. It's cold enough for the water in the air to paint sophisticated snowflaky patterns on my window. It's cold enough for tears to freeze on my eyelashes before they fall.
It's almost like home.
I miss snowball fights, snow-woman making or any other snow-related fun activities though.
Bonus picture:

© AP Photo/Xinhua, Chen Xie

Current music: "Baby it's cold outside" on youtube:
Margaret Whiting & Johnny Mercer
Selma Blair & Rainn Wilson

(Geeky) news!

So here is our little web2.0 project, an online advent calender:It's a special advent calender created for a beloved friend, a freelance designer currently living in the US. Her name is Bethy, her online pseudonym is Miss Black Pepper. She would like to start a new career as a designer  in Europe, for now she offers her customised designs for fabrics, gift wrapping papers, webpage banners here: 

Miss Black Pepper's Etsy Shop (I think she rocks!)

A blog post about Miss Black Pepper and her designs (other people say: she ROCKS!)

The idea is to give her inspiration, so every day in December we post new pictures, for example pictures of toys, snowflakes, animals, day by day a new theme, a new blog post.

If you like to help and share some pictures, you can:
  * contact me directly, send your own pictures or links via e-mail to me or
  * you can comment here or
  * join our community 24daysofstuff  and  write posts
 (IMPORTANT NOTE: please follow the community rules! not all pictures at the same time, we have an order of topics day by day!).

Bonus: a beer advent calender (it was also posted in our calender):

Bonus 2: I made a similar online advent calender for chemistinparis last year: http://community.livejournal.com/netadvent/